Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On The Road-AGAIN!

Brian had to go down south for work this weekend, so we took a leap of faith and made a road trip out of it. We have not taken Cole anywhere overnight, or outside of the valley for that matter, for over 6 months. We packed up the scales, meds and everything else we would need for a couple of days. Cole ended up with one and a half suitcases, a cooler and a stroller. Wow, there is a lot of stuff that you have to have to take care of him.

We travelled at night on the way down and I found that it was easier, as Cole could not see cars whizzing by us and did not have to look at the fast-passing landscape. However, I was not very smart and told him who we were going to see. Every five seconds you would hear, "Mama?" If I didn't answer, he would get upset.

"Yes, Cole?"

"Going to see Grandpa!"

There were variations that included Grandma and toys, but needless to say, the boy was excited.

He slept for only a little over an hour because of the anticipation. At midnight, he was still wide awake, wanting to know when we got to see Grandpa. If he knew, "Are we there yet?" I am sure that would have been included in his repertoire.

He did great. Much better than I expected. His absence seizures definitely increased, but no drops, partials or tonics. He still had some of his regular night time problems with atonics and myoclonics. It was liberating to not have to worry about him falling on slate floors. He had not been in that house since February when his drops were at their peak and the helmet was still an essential part of daily life.

It was super hot outside, so we did not have any kind of activity. We were going to be brave and try the pool. He has not been swimming since January, but it was too much of a risk. So, even though we did not do anything but stay in the house, we were successful. It was a semi-familiar environment, with good air conditioning. He had a blast!

The drive home was much harder, as it was the middle of the day and he could see out of the window. He got restless fast and kept on wanting to get out of his car seat. All in all though, it was a good experience. It gives me courage to try it again soon.

It was also great practice to be with Grandma and Grandpa and teach them some of his routines. They get to hang out with him while Brian and I go to the IDEA conference this week. It won't be a break from reality, or even a vacation, but we are excited to learn! The last time both of us were gone for this long, Cole was 6 months old. However, if anyone can deal with seizures, or even the hospital, it is my parents. They are professionals :)

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  1. So glad to hear that you got to get out of town!! Glad that everything went OK. I ran into YOUR MOM at The Gathering Place a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe it, it was SO good to see her. Too bad you weren't with her, right?


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