Friday, March 16, 2012

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...

We watch a lot of Finding Nemo around here. Dory's mantra gets stuck in your head, but it is also a really good life lesson. When life gets you down, "What do you do? You SWIM!"

After an interesting week seizure-wise, these pictures make me smile. For anyone wondering what goes into an aqua therapy session with a 4 year old, here is a glimpse.

Swimming with a Wonder Board. Going to the wall to retrieve it.Cole's therapist brought her waterproof camera and shared these pics with me.
Crawling up and down an incline. Sometimes with weights, sometimes without.
Cole just being Cole and sticking his head under.
He throws these blocks, then has to swim or walk through the water to get them. Then it starts all over. Like an intense game of fetch.

Just a little piece of a 45 minute session. Thank you Lead Changes Therapy!


  1. He is getting SO big Niki! I can't believe it! Miss you guys! :)

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Photos by Capture Me Candid