Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Purple Pictures

We had a lot of participation for Purple Day this year. I loved getting pictures throughout and seeing my Facebook explode with Purple Power. We're going to have to snag a family picture on Friday, before our Dravet event. Keep sending your pictures, we love them!

From working out, to working at the dentist office. From service dogs to sisters. Friends, family, at least 9 states represented. Balloons, pedicures, and one awesome pair of sparkly purple corduroys! Hopefully they all thought about epilepsy a lot. Hopefully you thought about it too. International Epilepsy Awareness Day was started by a girl that most would call "little". She has made it into a worldwide movement. Here is our little piece of that.

Some would say...Why the purple? Why the hype? This is why.
Epilepsy sucks. Talk about it. Maybe one day we can find a cure, together.

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  1. I wish I couldn't take credit for the sparkly purple corduroys so I will publicly out my daughter on that one. And I will have you know that my kids spent the entire day at school telling everyone that they saw in purple "Oh, so you knew about epilepsy purple day too?!" They may have confused a lot of people but they were getting the word out!


Photos by Capture Me Candid