Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Here are some updated pics of our boy!Doesn't he just look happy? Someone commented how he looks like he is smiling, even in his puppy pictures!

His expressions are so funny. He'll fit right in. Only a few days until we meet him!

Cole told Brian the other morning, "Daddy, I want to go." He asked, "Where do you want to go, Cole?" Cole replied, "I want to go see Slugger!" Melt. my. heart. After over a year of telling him that he is going to get a special dog, it is finally happening!

P.S. Someone mentioned to me that they have not been able to leave comments for a while. I knew that the comments were decreasing, except for my main-stay Miss Emma Jo, (thanks E, your comments brighten my day...every single one of them) it seems like hardly anything has been happening down in the comments section for some time now. I removed some widgets on the side bar. It seems that after a little research, this may be the problem. Sometimes when you add outside widgets to your blog, it messes with people being able to comment. Will you give it a try for me and see if it is back to working? Please? Come on, it's a picture of a really cute dog! :)


  1. Testing, works!

    Love that cute dog.

  2. I'll comment on the cute dog, sooo cute! So excited.

  3. I like Slugger!! Super cute lil fella. I am nervous that i might not get to come see you. I have a bad cold right now. hopefully i will feel better and finally get to meet you in real life.

  4. Can't wait to hear about the training....Slugger and Cole's wild adventure's.

  5. I keep coming back to this to look at Slugger again. I just want to wrap my arms around that dog and give him a big hug. And I don't even like dogs! I just love this one because he's Cole's buddy.


Photos by Capture Me Candid